Recycled Guitar Picks


We at Reprotone believe that by using recycled materials to create our picks we as manufacturers are helping our environment by supporting the efforts of a green initiative and taking responsibility for what we introduce to the common market. If our design and materials please the musician who uses them we have accomplished our efforts to produce both a quality product and keep our landfills from containing non bio-degradable materials.

Our Re-PETE pick line is produced from P.E.T.E. commonly used in soda bottles and water bottles. This material is both resilient and suprisingly smooth in its application. The 100% Shag picks are made from 100% carpet backing. It is very similar to most nylon picks with the exception of course that it contains post industrial / consumer product.

We believe our finest pick in our line up is the Copper Head. The materials used in this product are recycled as well. The copper dust and carpet nylon blend brings both durability and weight to your hand aiding in grip and playability.

We hope you find our products to your liking and look forward to supplying you with picks with a conscience.